As a business owner or a partnered professional adviser, you need to be able to obtain specialist advice and support whenever you need it. Whether the advice is general business advisory, an urgent response to a business challenge, a strategic look at business development or a detailed written advice on a particular issue, the professionals at mclaren knight will deliver.

Our approach is based on establishing, fostering and maintaining long–term relationships with our clients and professional partners, so we get to know their businesses and expectations. By continually developing and training our staff, we can meet those challenges put to us, and always give astute, commercial, incisive and cost effective advice.

At mclaren knight we have three distinct yet symbiotic service divisions that work in unison to achieve our appointee’s objectives.

business services At mclaren knight we can provide you with a whole suite of accounting and taxation services, ranging from general book keeping services right through to highly complex international taxation advices. We are extremely proud of our experience and resources, and most importantly, we will not shy from advocating our client’s position. view services schedule

advisory services Given the expertise, experience and academic achievements of the professional team at mclaren knight, it is no wonder that many clients and partnered professionals seek the advisory skills of the firms professionals to value add to already existing businesses or to assist in the set up and operation of newly formed businesses. view services schedule

specialist services Over the last few years the accounting profession has seen a diversification of the industry into specialities. Financial planning, forensic accounting and insolvency are a few specialities that are becoming whole professions in their own right. The principals of mclaren knight anticipated this diversification and accordingly have studied and attained appropriate registrations to provide our clients and professional partners with specialist advice in relation to insolvency and forensic accounting. For ease, the specialist services division of the firm is categorised into three distinct divisions:

  • audit & assurance The audit & assurance team at the firm undertake engagements including, but not limited to, due diligence reviews, small (non-corpoarate) audits, business plans and issues relating to mergers & acquisitions view services schedule

  • forensic & advocacy The forensic & advocacy team at the firm undertake engagements including, but not limited to, expert witnessing, independent and consultive accounting expert engagements, loss and damages assessment and tax dispute advocacy
    view services schedule

  • insolvency & recovery The insolvency & recovery team at the firm undertake engagements including, but not limited to, voluntary administrations, statutory trusteeships, solvency and security reviews and liquidations view services schedule

What we are not mclaren knight is not a legal firm, nor are we involved in the financial planning industry; we do not and will not provide investment advice. We are therefore absolutely independent and can provide you with broad and unbiased advice in relation to your, or a client’s financial situation. If you have a query concerning these practice areas, we have numerous specialist professional partners to whom we can refer you to.