At mclaren knight we understand that access to timely and expert advice or information can make all the difference in the fast paced commercial world; accordingly, we publish various brochures and flyers to keep our clients and professional partners updated in respect to legislative and commercial changes. We strongly suggest regular reviews of our media section to keep abreast of any changes. If you believe that the currency of the information is in doubt, please feel free to contact one of our professional team members to obtain the individually tailored advice you require.

nexgen As a precaution to not missing out on being in the know, you may wish to subscribe to our e-newsletter (nexgen) which is free. Once registered, your information will be stored in accordance with our personal information management policy coming online soon

Making news We regularly update the portfolio of mclaren knight’s latest newsworthy events and undertakings and invite you to review some of our latest achievements as a firm view news

Publications To assist our clients and professional partners, we publish a catalogue of brochures, flyers and portfolios that can be used from time to time. For ease we have broken down the catalogue into the four distinct media segments (brochures, flyers, nexgen newsletters and portfolios). Whilst all due care and attention is given to the content of the publications which was current at the time of publication, the publications are disseminated for general advice and marketing only. Individually tailored advice should be sought from our professionals before undertaking any transaction or implementing changes that may be expressly referred to, or implied, in the publications view publications catalogue

Forms & tables To assist our clients and partnered professionals, we have sought to catalogue frequently used accounting related forms and tables see forms & tables.

Reports From time to time the insolvency & recovery team at mclaren knight will publish reports and/or notices to creditors. Some such reports and notices are not for public dissemination and should be accessed through the firm's secure logon portal go to portal.

In relation to those reports, notices and advertisements that can be publicised, we have sought to catalogue them on our news page
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Affiliations & links The firm of mclaren knight, and its employees, are affiliated to a number of national organisations and professional memberships. Links to these organisations and other useful sites can be found on our links page go to links