At mclaren knight we embrace being actively engaged members of our community – personally as well as professionally. mclaren knight is sincerely committed to aiding our local community and to improving the standards within our community as a whole through service, information and education. We distinguish ourselves and our firm through our diligent representation of disadvantaged or community based groups and devote part of our time and energy to pro bono service in the community.

mclaren knight has yearly pro bono budgets that our team members may allocate to community based ventures with particular focus on projects supporting children and the environment.

Pro bono mclaren knight has been performing pro bono services in the community for more than 5 years. Every year we allot a set number of professional hours per employee to the provision of accounting, audit or other advisory services to volunteer groups, support groups, fundraising groups and disadvantaged persons.

In 2006 alone, mclaren knight represented or provided professional services to several sporting and fundraising organisations. The services provided included business advisory, accounting, audit and insolvency advice. In fact, our team devoted more than 60 hours to pro bono services in the community, or the equivalent of $15,000, including out-of-pocket fees.

We wish to advise that pro bono acceptance in not guaranteed. The allocation of pro bono work is subject to various guidelines, terms and conditions and the committee’s decision is final. Full terms and conditions are advised upon application apply for consideration

Sponsorships As with pro bono work, mclaren knight prides itself on its sponsorship of various sporting, recreational and cultural events in and around its service centres. If your sporting, recreational or cultural group is seeking sponsorship for a specific event (or a season), we urge you to submit an application which will be considered on its merits. We wish to advise that sponsorship is not guaranteed and must meet various guidelines before acceptance is given and the committee’s decision is final. Full terms and conditions are advised upon application apply for consideration

Events & seminars At mclaren knight we strongly believe in being proactive. To assist our clients and partnered professionals with the ever-changing demands of our fast paced society, we regularly convene or co-sponsor events and seminars on specific issues or new developments in certain areas. We try to tailor our presentations to those topics that may be of particular interest to individual and corporate clients, as well as to partnered professionals such as solicitors, finance brokers, banking professionals, estate agents, valuers, migration agents and other accounting firms. Conversely, if you would like one of our professionals to assist you with a seminar that you are presenting to your clients or membership base, please contact the marketing co-ordinator with the details see up & coming events