mclaren knight believes that success comes from striking the right balance between work and leisure time and from cultivating a wide range of interests. That is why we strive as a team to nurture a work environment that is both professionally and personally rewarding.

Cultured experience mclaren knight employs people from different backgrounds with varying interests and talents. We seek not only to hire the best, but also those with whom we entrust to foster our team philosophy, yet still retain their individual differences and caliber to value add to both the practice and our clients. As an employee of mclaren knight you will be assisted in achieving and maintaining the highest ethical standards (both professionally and personally), you will be expected to strive for excellence and outstanding customer service, you will be given the opportunity to experience and provide proactive and dynamic leadership and you will be responsible for maintaining the firm’s values and for making the working environment exciting, diverse and challenging. As an employee of mclaren knight you will witness, if not be involved in market leading transactions and a range of top-shelf clientele files. mclaren knight can promise that you will professionally cherish the challenging and varied experience gained while tenured at the firm.

A balanced life mclaren knight understands that people have families and responsibilities outside of work. mclaren knight encourages and supports a balanced lifestyle through a range of social programs for its employees. These include social functions, sporting activities and community service opportunities.

Above & beyond mclaren knight employees receive regular feedback on performance and guidance in professional goal setting. mclaren knight believes that learning and professional development is critical; therefore it promotes continuing education at all staffing levels, particularly in respect of tertiary education or training related to areas of expertise. Where possible, the firm supports flexible working practices and access to alternate career paths.

Getting noticed mclaren knight generally as a rule does not advertise for its professional appointments. The firm seeks and hires those persons who have either demonstrated excellence in education or practice, or who have become known to the practice by way of professional synergies or cadetships. Notwithstanding precedent practices, the human resources team at the firm are always eager to receive expressions of interest. All expressions of interest will be treated with the strictest of confidence and are received and stored in accordance with our personal information management policy view policy

Persons interested in a tenured position within the firm should consult our careers page see current openings

Alumni mclaren knight seeks to maintain an appropriate professional relationship with past and present employees and professional partners. Accordingly a special alumni for current and past employees and professional partners exists to allow for the fostering and facilitation of professional relationships and networks across firms and industries log on